eleanorobit lives beyond her financial and physical means in a sleepy Minnesota city. She rocks back and forth on the rocking chair of  life;  full of expectations and responsibilities. Call her a poster Gemini, call her crazy. Call her a mere human paying enough attention to be motivated. Label her a single mother, a female, a divorcee, a bisexual, a baby feminist, a budding activist, a spiritual atheist. These words are fine and dandy, but fear not, she will tell you when you are out of line. She dreams of better days as a full grown robit, when feelings wouldn’t get in the way. Those pesky thoughts, feelings and seedlings of memories always tainting the situation at hand. Sing math to her. Gift her a bouquet of new language. Paint her sidewalk with goose bumps. She might want to have coffee with your ghost. In the meantime she will bore you with her old stories again and again. She will play a music snob, and share pictures of her four children; three of which are very furry and purr out of line. She will test your strength of stay-ability. She will be better having known you, though it may take her years to see the connection.

May you find something here that makes you think, breathe deep, or feel the hair on your arm stand up.

When you feel like the whole world has conspired against you, look up to the sky and remember how little you are and know that the world could not be what it is without your tiny little contribution.

We are all small and we are all one. Uniquely the same. Together, hand in hand, we are great.


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